2M Children Protection Table Guard Strip Baby Safety Products Glass Edge Furniture Horror Crash Bar Corner Foam Bumper Collision


Brand Name-HAPHOOD
Packaging-Single loaded
Pattern Type-Solid
Item Type-Edge & Corner Guards
Model Number-CB+002
Age Range-2M
Age Range-17M
Age Range-12M
Age Range-11M
Age Range-6T
Age Range-14M
Age Range-21M
Age Range-8T
Age Range-24M
Age Range-1M
Age Range-9M
Age Range-20M
Age Range-13M
Age Range-5M
Age Range-23M
Age Range-3T
Age Range-10M
Age Range-6M
Age Range-0-1M
Age Range-5T
Age Range-19M
Age Range-18M
Age Range-4M
Age Range-16M
Age Range-7M
Age Range-8M
Age Range-3M
Age Range-15M
Age Range-7T
Age Range-4T
Age Range-22M
Item name-Corner Bar
Shape-U Shape And Flat
Packing-Single loaded
Pattern Type-Solid
Item type-edge & corner guards
Edge Corner Guards Baby-Yes
Baby Crash Bar Protection-Yes
Product name-Children Protection
Color-11 color available

BlackGreenGreyLight BluePinkOrangeBrownWoodWhiteBeigeFlat Shape Blue
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